Amsterdam//Day 1

Today was the first day of another adventure: traveling in Europe. I had never been before and had the opportunity to go on a two week trip with a group from a local college. Our plane ride was most of yesterday and we arrived in this quaint yet bustling city at 9 AM. Exhausted, we pushed through the day with the help a latte from a very trendy coffee shop (side note: one of the ones that actually sells coffee), which, might I add, was probably the best latte I have ever had.


Later we ventured to the Van Gogh Museum at which we viewed the remarkable work of none other than Vincent Van Gogh. From Sunflowers to self-portraits, some of the artists greatest works reside at this exhibit. His work was remarkable, however, I didn’t feel completely satisfied until I stumbled upon a piece that I particularly enjoyed. Tree Roots struck me as such a unique piece, as it captured a simple part of nature in a unique perspective. This particularly speaks to me because I know that I want my writing to have that same effect, keeping in mind that it took Van Gogh all his life to paint something that truly captured life from his point of view, as this is thought to be his last painting. The piece inspires me to keep seeking out what I love and trying to find my voice because someday, however far off that day may be, I might just succeed in doing so. Also, I strongly suggest google searching Tree Roots by Vincent Van Gogh if you do not know what it is.

IMG_0050 IMG_0058 IMG_0057

And for my last story of the day, I would like to introduce our dinner waiter, Lynden, and share the little I know of his story. Lynden grew up in Australia and had a dream of seeing the world. Working a full time job, he had no time to pursue this dream and go on adventures. He was stuck working in his home country for what would have seemed like forever. When the day came that his boss infuriated him and he could no longer stand being cooped up, Lynden went home, bought a one way plane ticket to the UK, and never looked back. He lived in the UK for two years, Amsterdam for one, and is planning on moving to Canada in a few months for his next adventure.

As I said in my last post, I am trying to find and pursue what I love, which is why these events of today are important for me. I want to remember that I can pursue my passions even if everyone thinks I’m crazy, like Van Gogh, or something seems to be standing in my way, like Lynden. I am not quite sure what these passions are quite yet, but I intend on finding them. Until then, I plan on enjoying the cities I will be visiting and keeping an adventurous mindset in order to embrace every moment and opportunity thrown my way.

Vaarwel from Amsterdam!

IMG_0056 IMG_0068

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