Brussels//Day 2

6:45 AM

18 College Students

7 Chaperones

1 Crowded Loby

The morning was early and the day was long, but it was worth it when we laid our eyes on the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium. We only were able to spend a day there, but it was a day well spent, as we saw plenty of beautiful art pieces and ate some delicious waffles. I selected a few of my favorite picots from today as I don’t have much time to write, so I’m going to keep it short. If you ever go to Brussels, get the waffles.

(Side Note: For some reason, this did not post last night so I am going to post twice today)

Au revoir from Brussels

IMG_0121 IMG_0139 IMG_0108 IMG_0101 IMG_0093 IMG_0080


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